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Version: 1.0.0


import { buildProperty } from "./builders";

const rangeProperty = buildProperty({
title: "Range",
validation: {
min: 0,
max: 3
dataType: "number"



You can use the enum values providing a map of possible exclusive values the property can take, mapped to the label that it is displayed in the dropdown.

import { buildProperty } from "./builders";

const property = buildProperty({
title: "Status",
dataType: "number",
config: {
enumValues: new Map([
["-1", buildEnumValueConfig({
label: "Lightly tense",
color: "redLighter"
["0", buildEnumValueConfig({
label: "Normal",
color: "grayLight"
["1", buildEnumValueConfig({
label: "Lightly relaxed",
color: "blueLighter"


  • required Should this field be compulsory.
  • requiredMessage Message to be displayed as a validation error.
  • min Set the minimum value allowed.
  • max Set the maximum value allowed.
  • lessThan Value must be less than.
  • moreThan Value must be more than.
  • positive Value must be a positive number.
  • negative Value must be a negative number.
  • integer Value must be an integer.

The widget that gets created is

  • TextField generic text field
  • Select if enumValues are set in the string config, this field renders a select where each option is a colored chip.


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