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  • This component is in charge of rendering a collection table with a high degree of customization.

    This component is used internally by EntityCollectionView and useReferenceDialog

    Please note that you only need to use this component if you are building a custom view. If you just need to create a default view you can do it exclusively with config options.

    If you want to bind a EntityCollection to a table with the default options you see in collections in the top level navigation, you can check EntityCollectionView.

    The data displayed in the table is managed by a EntityTableController. You can build the default, bound to a path in the datasource, by using the hook useDataSourceEntityCollectionTableController

    • EntityCollectionTableProps
    • EntityCollectionView
    • VirtualTable

    Type parameters

    • M: Record<string, any>
    • UserType: User


    Returns Element

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