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Type alias: NavigationContext

Ƭ NavigationContext: Object

Context that includes the resolved navigation and utility methods and attributes.

Type declaration

baseCollectionPathstringDefault path under the collection routes of the CMS will be created
basePathstringDefault path under the navigation routes of the CMS will be created
homeUrlstringBase url path for the home screen
initialisedbooleanIs the registry ready to be used
buildCMSUrlPath(path: string) => string-
buildUrlCollectionPath(path: string) => string-
getCollectionResolver<M>(path: string, entityId?: string, baseCollection?: EntityCollection<M, string, any>) => undefined | EntityCollectionResolver<M>-
isUrlCollectionPath(urlPath: string) => boolean-
onCollectionModifiedForUser<M>(path: string, partialCollection: PartialEntityCollection<M>) => void-
removeAllOverridesExcept(entityRefs: { entityId?: string ; path: string }[]) => void-
setOverride<M>(props: { entityId?: string ; overrideSchemaRegistry?: boolean ; path: string ; schemaConfig?: Partial<EntityCollectionResolver> }) => undefined | string-
urlPathToDataPath(cmsPath: string) => string-

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