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based on Firebase

The missing piece for your project

Manage your 

FireCMS is more than a CMS, is a fully extendable app that will become the heart of your project.

Enjoy the most powerful features of Firebase and build your own custom back-office app/admin panel in no time.

Easy to get started, easy to customize and easy to extend. FireCMS is great both for existing projects, since it will adapt to any database structure you have, as well as for new ones.


Don't build another admin tool

FireCMS is an open source headless CMS built by developers for developers.
Get a back-office app/dashboard for your Firebase project in no time.

FireCMS - An open source CMS and admin panel based on Firestore | Product Hunt

Batteries included

FireCMS provides all the flexibility you need with the best UX. Edit your collections and entities using both a spreadsheet view and powerful forms.

Data consistency

Define schemas for your data types and validation options

Advanced editing

Spreadsheet-like editing, powerful forms, files storage, entity references...

Role system

Define different app configurations based on the logged user


Custom form fields, hooks and full views based on React

Subcollection support

Complete navigation for collections under other entities

Real time support

In every view of your CMS, ideal for background updates




️ Open-source

Powerful editing

FireCMS provides all the flexibility you need with the best UX. Edit your collections and entities using both a spreadsheet view and powerful forms.

Map your collections and document schemas to beautiful views generated automatically

FireCMS generates CRUD views based on your configuration. It is easy to set up for the straight forward cases and easy to extend and customise.

Easy to customise

FireCMS allows developers to extend it in any way they need, while keeping it extremely simple to kickstart a new project. We use sensible defaults that can be overridden or extended.

Integrate your own custom form fields as React components, as well as preview widgets. You can also define complete views related to your entities or in the main navigation.

FireCMS is used by companies of all sizes

It comes with a set of features that will help you build your application faster.

FireCMS allows users to manage and publish content to their websites or applications. But not only... it can be used internally in teams to manage data and workflows. With FireCMS, users can create and edit documents, upload and manage media files, and manage users and permissions.

FireCMS does not enforce any data structure on your side, and works out of the box with any project.

More details

All the power of Firebase and open source

Extend the functionality of your admin panel and your complete project with all the capabilities of Firebase and Google Cloud.

Firebase is a powerful backend as a service that allows you to build apps without having to worry about the infrastructure. Use the built-in authentication, storage, hosting, functions, and more.


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