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Your CMS
based on Firestore

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We are working on a FireCMS cloud offering that will include a state of the art collection editor.
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Don't build another admin tool

FireCMS is an open source headless CMS built by developers for developers.
Get a back-office app/dashboard for your Firebase project in no time.

FireCMS - An open source CMS and admin panel based on Firestore | Product Hunt

Powerful editing

FireCMS provides all the flexibility you need with the best UX.

Edit your collections and entities using both a spreadsheet view and powerful forms.

Map your collections and document schemas to beautiful views generated automatically

const price = buildProperty({
    name: "Price",
    description: "Price with range validation",
    dataType: "number",
    validation: {
        required: true,
         "You must set a price between 0 and 1000",
        min: 0,
        max: 1000

Easy schema definition

Define your schemas and choose from multiple form widgets and validation options.

Use advanced features like conditional logic for your fields, references to other collections, markdown or file uploads

Built for every project

FireCMS is a headless CMS built to work with every existing Firebase/Firestore project. It does not enforce any data structure.

Use the integrated hooks and callbacks to integrate your business logic in multiple ways.

const productCollection = buildCollection({
    name: "Product",
    properties: {
        name: {
            dataType: "string",
            name: "Name",
            defaultValue: "Default name"
        uppercase: {
            dataType: "string",
            name: "Uppercase Name",
            readOnly: true

const productCallbacks = buildEntityCallbacks({
    onPreSave: ({ values }) => {
        values.uppercase =;
        return values;

Plenty of room for customization

FireCMS allows developers to extend it in any way they need, while keeping it extremely simple to kickstart a new project. We use sensible defaults that can be overridden or extended.

Integrate your own custom form fields as React components, as well as preview widgets. You can also define complete views related to your entities or in the main navigation.

Full set of features

Everything you need to kickstart your Firebase-based project with the best low-code solution

Schema validation

Define your data types and validation to ensure consistency

Reference support

Link entities in different collections in a seamless way

Role system

Define different app configurations based on the logged user


Custom form fields, hooks and full views based on React

Subcollection support

Complete navigation for collections under other entities

Real time support

In every view of your CMS, ideal for background updates

Build and launch fast!

And when you have built it, enjoy your super custom headless CMS/admin-panel



FireCMS is totally FREE

FireCMS is and open source MIT-licensed project, available for anyone to use, also commercially.

If you find FireCMS is useful for your project, we would highly appreciate it if you would consider becoming a sponsor❤️

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Do you need help setting up your project?

Or maybe you need to build some features that are not included in the library?

No problem! We are here to help. We can build a super tailored admin panel for your project, with custom views, forms or even your own backend


All the power of Firebase and open source

Extend the functionality of your admin panel and your complete project with all the capabilities of Firebase and Google Cloud

Need a hand?

We are happy to offer consulting services to help you get the most out of FireCMS.
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