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Empowering Your Content Management: Easily Create, Edit, and Publish with a CMS that both content managers and developers will love.

Inline editing

FireCMS provides all the flexibility you need with the best UX. Edit your collections and entities using both a spreadsheet view and powerful forms.

Inline editing is very useful when you want to quickly edit a few fields of a document. For example, if you have a list of users, you can quickly edit the name of the user by clicking on the name and editing it.

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Dedicated form view

FireCMS offers more than 20 built-in property fields, from basic text fields to complex ones, like multiple file uploads, sortable arrays, references to other collections, etc.

The form view opens by default in a convenient side dialog that allows you to maintain the context you are working on, when you are done.

FireCMS is a React CMS, and it offers multiple extension points where you can define your custom views. Adding additional custom view to your form view can be really useful.

Easy to customise

FireCMS offers developers an easy way to adapt the platform to their specific needs while keeping theinitial setup simple. Our practical defaults can be conveniently overridden or expanded.

Effortlessly integrate your custom form fields as React components and preview widgets. Moreover, you can create detailed views related to your entities or within the main navigation for a truly customized experience.

You could add:

  • A dashboard for your client
  • A preview of the blog article you are writing
  • A representation of how the content is going to look like in your app or website.
  • And everything you can imagine.
  • For developers

    const price = buildProperty({
        name: "Price",
        description: "Price with range validation",
        dataType: "number",
        validation: {
            required: true,
             "You must set a price between 0 and 1000",
            min: 0,
            max: 1000

    Easy schema definition

    Define your schemas and choose from multiple form widgets and validation options.

    Use advanced features like conditional logic for your fields, references to other collections, markdown or file uploads

    FireCMS provides a powerful schema definition API that allows you to customise your forms and views.

    You can also use the schema definition API to create custom views and components.

    * Some features can only be enabled by using the self-hosted version, but will be available in FireCMS Cloud version soon.

    Built for every project

    FireCMS is a headless CMS built to work with every existing Firebase/Firestore project. It does not enforce any data structure.

    Use the integrated hooks and callbacks to integrate your business logic in multiple ways.

    * Some features can only be enabled by using the self-hosted version, but will be available in the FireCMS Cloud version soon.

    const productCollection = buildCollection({
        name: "Product",
        properties: {
            name: {
                dataType: "string",
                name: "Name",
                defaultValue: "Default name"
            uppercase: {
                dataType: "string",
                name: "Uppercase Name",
                readOnly: true
        const productCallbacks = buildEntityCallbacks({
        onPreSave: ({ values }) => {
            values.uppercase =;
            return values;
    yarn create firecms-app
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