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Beta Launch, FireCMS 3.0 Cloud and Cloud Plus

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We are giving away to our community a free a month of FireCMS Cloud Plus with the code IMONFIRE.​

FireCMS 3.0 The Next CMS that is already here.πŸ”₯​

Three years ago we launched the first version of FireCMS. We started offering an open source core so that anyone could build whatever they need. FireCMS started as an internal tool that we offered to our clients. The usual use case is: you are building an app or a web using Firebase as a backend, and need a backoffice tool to manage your data, your users, your files. Everything in a secure environment and with a strong roles and permissions system. Along the years, we have developed full stack solutions for partners like as Oikosbrain, medicalmotion or ThePlanetApp. Likewise, many agencies have benefited from the open-source nature of the project and use it to develop internal apps for their own clients. Since it’s inception, FireCMS has been downloaded 200k+ times in NPM.

Along the years we understood that we need to make it simple for the customer to install and configure FireCMS, but also keep the power of using code to extend the base product with any feature. We helped customers build extensions for other database providers, such as MongoDB, or create a 3D model editor using Three.js. And that’s our focus for the next years: Build the best no-code CMS, while preserving all the customization options in code, and ease of use our users love.

Launching the Beta version of FireCMS 3​

We have put a lot of effort into building a hosted version of the collection editor, including most of the customization an validation oprions. We provide a great UI, and you extend it however you need.

☁️ The Cloud Version​

One of the most significant additions to FireCMS 3.0 is the introduction of the SaaS cloud-hosted version. This new offering allows users to easily access and manage their FireCMS projects directly from the cloud. With this feature, users no longer need to worry about setting up and maintaining their own infrastructure, as FireCMS takes care of it all. This greatly simplifies the deployment process and allows end users to focus more on building their applications.

You no longer need to manually update CMS versions since every update is pushed to the cloud and received by all clients.

πŸ”‘ The customers still own the data​

Your data is yours, we don’t need to access it. Each FireCMS project is linked to a Firebase project, that is owned by you, the customer. We just provide the interface to manage the data. If you need, we also help you creating and configuring the Google Cloud project and the Firebase project. We can help you with the process. Starting now.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Customization with Code​

With FireCMS 3.0, customization options have been taken to the next level. Now, users can leverage the power of code to personalize their CMS even further. Whether it's tweaking the layout, adding custom fields, or implementing complex business logic, developers have the flexibility to extend and modify FireCMS to suit their specific needs. This level of customization empowers users to create truly unique and tailored CMS experiences. We even built a CLI for that. Start the project, write the code, upload it and find the features in the app. Extend the React basecode with Typescript or Javascript.

An example of highly customized instance of FireCMS, with the ThreeJS editor integrated

An example of highly customized instance of FireCMS, with the ThreeJS editor integrated

We have also built a CLI for making the interaction with the Cloud easier. Start the project, write the code, upload it and find the features in the app. Extend the React base code with Typescript or Javascript.

And just deploy with one command:

firecms deploy

New UI collection schema editor​

Originally, collections were only defined in code. Now, you can do it with a UI as well. Add fields, add collections, property types, files, images. All the properties, now they can be configured with a few clicks. If you need to add some logic to your collections, like enabling some fields based on other values, you can get the code for your current collection

FireCMS collection editor

But it gets even better! FireCMS can automatically detect new values and add them to the schema with just a single click. This empowers users to easily customize and adapt their collection schemas to meet their evolving needs.

Even though the collection schema is now stored in the backend, you still maintain full control over which properties can be modified from the user interface. Moreover, you have the ability to define default values for new documents, ensuring consistency and efficiency in data management.

New data inference​

Do you have a few collections in your project and want to get started quickly? FireCMS can now infer the schema from your data. This means that you can begin using FireCMS in just a few minutes, without the need to write a single line of code. Simply import a data file and start immediately.

πŸ’½ Data import and export​

Now, you can import and export the data. As we've stated, you are the owner of the data and it's up to you to decide.


You can now import data from CSV, JSON, or Excel files. This feature is excellent for migrating data from other systems. We have incorporated a modern UI that enables you to define how the data is imported and how it is mapped to your collections.

Import data view


You now have better control over how your data is exported:

  • Define the format of your timestamps.
  • Define how arrays are serialized in CSV files (assigning one column per array item, or serializing the array as a string).
  • Export your data as JSON or CSV.

πŸ€– GPT-4 Content Generation​

We have improved our interface to enable content generation. You can create a complete database row from a prompt, a title, or any available field. We also provide a UI to perform various actions such as summarizing, translating, and expanding. Whatever you can think of is ready to use. We use GPT-4 under the hood.

🚀 Performance improvements​

Versions 1.0 and 2.0 of FireCMS were based on Material UI (mui). This was great for getting started quickly, but it had some drawbacks. The main one was that performance was not great. The styling solution of MUI is based on emotion which resolves styles at runtime. This means that the browser has to do a lot of work to resolve the styles. This is not a problem for small applications, but it can be a problem for large applications.

In FireCMS 3.0, we have migrated to Tailwind CSS. This is a utility-first CSS framework that allows us to generate a small CSS file with all the styles resolved at build time. This means that the browser does not have to do any work to resolve the styles, which results in a much faster experience. πŸš€

πŸ‘₯ Roles and permissions​

Now you can leverage out of the box invitations, user management, and a role system. The default ones, Viewer, Editor, or Admin, or create your own custom ones.

Search out of the box. No need to create an index or to rely on a third-party provider, type and find your records. We look through all the fields and perform a smart search. Just click on search and start typing.

🎨 New components library, theming and better icons​

In FireCMS 3.0, components, icons and colors have received a significant upgrade.

We have built a full component library

The new release includes an expanded set of icons, giving users more options to choose from when designing their CMS. Additionally, the color palette has been expanded, allowing for greater flexibility in creating visually appealing interfaces. These enhancements enable developers to create stunning and intuitive CMS designs that align with their brand and aesthetic preferences.


We decided to provide a free tier of use of the CMS. FireCMS Cloud Free. This is everything you have in the Free version:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited collections
  • Custom fields and custom views
  • Customization with Code
  • All available form fields
  • Schema editor and inference from data
  • Advanced data import and export
  • Default roles
  • 3 users

If you need some extra features, we have FireCMS Cloud Plus, which includes:

  • Everything in the free tier
  • Local text search
  • Unlimited users and roles
  • Unlimited data export
  • Theme and logo customization
  • Custom user roles
  • GPT-4 content generation

While the free plan is, well, free, the Plus is 9,99€ per customer per month. We are continuously going to add features, provide support, and a live web app where you can find your projects.

How to get started?​

Go to and create your project.

We are giving away a free month of Plus customers to everyone using the code IMONFIRE at the checkout.

What are you going to build?​

We want to hear about it :) Find us on Discord, LinkedIn, or ping us at

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