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Version: 1.0.0

Type alias: NavigationContext

Ƭ NavigationContext: Object

Context that includes the resolved navigation and utility methods and attributes.

Type declaration

baseCollectionPathstringDefault path under the collection routes of the CMS will be created
basePathstringDefault path under the navigation routes of the CMS will be created
homeUrlstringBase url path for the home screen
initialisedbooleanIs the registry ready to be used
buildCMSUrlPath(path: string) => stringConvert a collection or entity path to a URL path
buildUrlCollectionPath(path: string) => stringBuild a URL collection path from a data path products => /c/products products/B34SAP8Z => /c/products/B34SAP8Z
getCollectionResolver<M>(path: string, entityId?: string, baseCollection?: EntityCollection<M, string, any>) => undefined | EntityCollectionResolver<M>Get the schema configuration for a given path. If you use this method you can use a baseCollection that will be used to resolve the initial properties of the collection, before applying the collection configuration changes that are persisted. If you don't specify it, the collection is fetched from the local navigation.
isUrlCollectionPath(urlPath: string) => booleanCheck if a url path belongs to a collection
onCollectionModifiedForUser<M>(path: string, partialCollection: PartialEntityCollection<M>) => voidUse this callback when a collection has been modified so it is persisted.
removeAllOverridesExcept(entityRefs: { entityId?: string ; path: string }[]) => voidRemove all keys not used
setOverride<M>(props: { entityId?: string ; overrideSchemaRegistry?: boolean ; path: string ; schemaConfig?: Partial<EntityCollectionResolver> }) => undefined | stringSet props for path
urlPathToDataPath(cmsPath: string) => stringConvert a URL path to a collection or entity path /c/products => products /my_cms/c/products/B34SAP8Z => products/B34SAP8Z /my_cms/my_view => my_view

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