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Version: 2.0.0

Type alias: AuthController<UserType>

Ƭ AuthController<UserType>: Object

Controller for retrieving the logged user or performing auth related operations. Note that if you are implementing your AuthController, you probably will want to do it as the result of a hook. Check useFirebaseAuthController code for an example.

Type parameters

UserTypeextends User = User

Type declaration

authError?anyError initializing the authentication
authLoadingbooleanIf you have defined an Authenticator, this flag will be set to true while it loads
authProviderError?anyError dispatched by the auth provider
extra?anyUtility field you can use to store your custom data. e.g: Additional user data fetched from a Firestore document, or custom claims
getAuthToken() => Promise<string>You can use this method to retrieve the auth token for the current user.
initialLoading?booleanInitial loading flag. It is used not to display the login screen when the app first loads, and it has not been checked whether the user is logged in or not.
loginSkippedbooleanHas the user skipped the login process
setExtra(extra: any) => voidYou can use this method to store any extra data you would like to associate your user to. e.g: Additional user data fetched from a Firestore document, or custom claims
signOut() => voidSign out
userUserType | nullThe user currently logged in The values can be: the user object, null if they skipped login

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