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Version: 2.0.0

Type alias: FireCMSContext<UserType, AuthControllerType>

Ƭ FireCMSContext<UserType, AuthControllerType>: Object

Context that includes the internal controllers and contexts used by the app. Some controllers and context included in this context can be accessed directly from their respective hooks.



Type parameters

UserTypeextends User = User
AuthControllerTypeextends AuthController<UserType> = AuthController<UserType>

Type declaration

authControllerAuthControllerTypeUsed auth controller
dataSourceDataSourceConnector to your database, e.g. your Firestore database
dateTimeFormat?stringFormat of the dates in the CMS. Defaults to 'MMMM dd, yyyy, HH:mm:ss'
entityLinkBuilder?EntityLinkBuilderBuilder for generating utility links for entities
fieldsRecord<string, FieldConfig>Record of custom form fields to be used in the CMS. You can use the key to reference the custom field in the fieldConfig prop of a property in a collection.
locale?LocaleLocale of the CMS, currently only affecting dates
navigationNavigationContextContext that includes the resolved navigation and utility methods and attributes. See useNavigation
onAnalyticsEvent?(event: CMSAnalyticsEvent, data?: object) => voidCallback used to get analytics events from the CMS
plugins?FireCMSPlugin[]Use plugins to modify the behaviour of the CMS. Currently, in ALPHA, and likely subject to change.
sideDialogsControllerSideDialogsControllerController used to open side dialogs
sideEntityControllerSideEntityControllerController to open the side dialog displaying entity forms See useSideEntityController
snackbarControllerSnackbarControllerUse this controller to display snackbars
storageSourceStorageSourceUsed storage implementation
userConfigPersistence?UserConfigurationPersistenceUse this controller to access data stored in the browser for the user

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