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Version: 2.0.0-beta

Type alias: FireCMSProps<UserType>

Ƭ FireCMSProps<UserType>: Object

Type parameters

UserTypeextends User

Type declaration

authControllerAuthController<UserType>Delegate for implementing your auth operations.
baseCollectionPath?stringDefault path under the collection routes of the CMS will be created
basePath?stringDefault path under the navigation routes of the CMS will be created
children(props: { context: FireCMSContext ; loading: boolean }) => React.ReactNodeUse this function to return the components you want to render under FireCMS
collectionOverrideHandler?CollectionOverrideHandlerUsed to override collections based on the collection path and entityId. This resolver allows to override the collection for specific entities, or specific collections, app wide. This overrides collections all through the app. You can also override collections in place, when using useSideEntityController
collections?EntityCollection[] | EntityCollectionsBuilderList of the mapped collections in the CMS. Each entry relates to a collection in the root database. Each of the navigation entries in this field generates an entry in the main menu.
dataSourceDataSourceConnector to your database
dateTimeFormat?stringFormat of the dates in the CMS. Defaults to 'MMMM dd, yyyy, HH:mm:ss'
entityLinkBuilder?EntityLinkBuilderOptional link builder you can add to generate a button in your entity forms. The function must return a URL that gets opened when the button is clicked
fields?Record<string, FieldConfig>Record of custom form fields to be used in the CMS. You can use the key to reference the custom field in the fieldConfig prop of a property in a collection.
locale?LocaleLocale of the CMS, currently only affecting dates
onAnalyticsEvent?(event: CMSAnalyticsEvent, data?: object) => voidCallback used to get analytics events from the CMS
plugins?FireCMSPlugin[]Use plugins to modify the behaviour of the CMS. Currently, in ALPHA, and likely subject to change.
storageSourceStorageSourceConnector to your file upload/fetch implementation
userConfigPersistence?UserConfigurationPersistenceUse this controller to access the configuration that is stored locally, and not defined in code
views?CMSView[] | CMSViewsBuilderCustom additional views created by the developer, added to the main navigation

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