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Version: 2.0.0-alpha

Type alias: NavigationContext

Ƭ NavigationContext: Object

Context that includes the resolved navigation and utility methods and attributes.

Type declaration

baseCollectionPathstringDefault path under the collection routes of the CMS will be created
baseLocationstringLocation used as the base for routes. This is the location that will be used underneath, when the url changes while opening a side dialog
basePathstringDefault path under the navigation routes of the CMS will be created
buildCMSUrlPath(path: string) => stringConvert a collection or entity path to a URL path
buildUrlCollectionPath(path: string) => stringBuild a URL collection path from a data path products => /c/products products/B34SAP8Z => /c/products/B34SAP8Z
buildUrlEditCollectionPath(props: { path: string }) => string-
collectionsEntityCollection[]List of the mapped collections in the CMS. Each entry relates to a collection in the root database. Each of the navigation entries in this field generates an entry in the main menu.
getCollection<M>(pathOrAlias: string, entityId?: string, includeUserOverride?: boolean) => EntityCollection<M> | undefinedGet the collection configuration for a given path. The collection is resolved from the given path or alias, located among the
homeUrlstringBase url path for the home screen
initialisedbooleanIs the registry ready to be used
isUrlCollectionPath(urlPath: string) => booleanCheck if a url path belongs to a collection
loadingbooleanIs the navigation loading (the configuration persistence has not loaded yet, or a specified navigation builder has not completed)
navigationLoadingError?anyWas there an error while loading the navigation data
refreshNavigation() => voidCall this method to recalculate the navigation
resolveAliasesFrom(pathWithAliases: string) => stringTurn a path with aliases into a resolved path
topLevelNavigation?TopNavigationResultConfiguration for the views that should be displayed at the top level of the navigation (e.g. in the home page or the navigation drawer)
urlPathToDataPath(cmsPath: string) => stringConvert a URL path to a collection or entity path /c/products => products /my_cms/c/products/B34SAP8Z => products/B34SAP8Z /my_cms/my_view => my_view
viewsCMSView[]Custom additional views created by the developer, added to the main navigation

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