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Why FireCMS?

Every company needs to manage content in different ways. We have built FireCMS to be flexible and customizable.

Firestore provides a degree of scalability that is hard to find in other platforms. It is a great fit for companies that are looking to build a product that can scale to millions of users. Without the need to worry about the infrastructure.

SSO integration
Advanced data filtering and text search
Support SLA
Custom integrations
Dedicated support

FireCMS was developed in conjunction with different companies, out of the need to have a CMS that could be used in different scenarios and that could be easily customized to fit different needs.

Not just a CMS

FireCMS can be extended to fit your needs. We can help you build a custom admin panel that integrates with your infrastructure.

We believe in sensible defaults, but we also believe that you should be able to customize your admin panel to fit your needs.

Open source is the path to success

It fits your architecture

Every company needs to manage content in different ways.

We have developed the full stack for multiple successful companies. We have experience with different architectures and we can help you build a scalable infrastructure.

You can fit Firebase and FireCMS to your existing architecture or we can help you build a new one.

All the data and services are hosted in your own Firebase project. You can use your own authentication and authorization system.

FireCMS is a headless CMS, which means that it can be used with any frontend framework. Unlike traditional CMSs, it is not coupled to the rendering layer.

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