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Version: 2.0.0

Function: PropertyFieldBinding

PropertyFieldBinding<T, CustomProps, M>(«destructured»): ReactElement<PropertyFieldBindingProps<T, M>>

This component renders a form field creating the corresponding configuration from a property. For example if bound to a string property, it will generate a text field.

You can use it when you are creating a custom field, and need to render additional fields mapped to properties. This is useful if you need to build a complex property mapping, like an array where each index is a different property.

Please note that if you build a custom field in a component, the validation passed in the property will have no effect. You need to set the validation in the EntityCollection definition.

Type parameters

Textends CMSType = CMSType
Mextends Record<string, any> = Record<string, any>


«destructured»PropertyFieldBindingProps<T, M>


ReactElement<PropertyFieldBindingProps<T, M>>

Defined in


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