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Version: 1.0.0

Exporting data

Every collection view is exportable by default and will include a button for exporting data in csv format.

You can switch off the exporting function by setting the exportable parameter in your collection to false

All the regular columns are exported, but not the additional columns that you set up in your collection view, since you can build them with any React component.

If you need to add additional columns in your export file, you can create them by setting an ExportConfig in your exportable prop:

import { ExportMappingFunction, buildCollection } from "@camberi/firecms";

export const sampleAdditionalExportColumn: ExportMappingFunction = {
key: "extra",
builder: async ({ entity }) => {
await new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, 100));
return "Additional exported value " +;

const blogCollection = buildCollection({
path: "blog",
collection: blogSchema,
name: "Blog",
exportable: {
additionalColumns: [sampleAdditionalExportColumn]

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