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Version: 1.0.0


FireCMS takes care of the navigation for you, it generates routes and menus based on the configuration that you set up.

You have two main ways of creating the top level views in FireCMS, either creating entity collections that get mapped to CMS views, or create your own top level React views.

You can check all the possible configurations for defining collections and entity schemas in their respective documents.

Otherwise, you can define your own custom top level views.

You can change the navigation based on the logged-in user, by using a NavigationBuilder function which can be asynchronous.

By using an async NavigationBuilder you can also fetch some data in order to build your schemas. Let's say you have a collection called subscriptions and would like to use its ids as the enum values of a string property; you can fetch them and then build the schema with them.

import {
// ...
} from "@camberi/firecms";

// ...

const navigation: NavigationBuilder = async ({ user }: NavigationBuilderProps) => ({
collections: [
path: "products",
collection: productSchema,
name: "Products"

Builder functions

FireCMS provides a set of builder functions that just return the input they receive but are useful for using the features of the type system and validate your schemas and properties at compile time.

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