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Version: 2.0.0


[2.1.0] - 2023-09-12


  • [BREAKING] The logic to verify valid filter combinations has been moved to the DataSource interface. This improves the ability to customize the data source and allows for more complex filters. This change will only affect you if you have implemented a custom data source. You will need to add a isFilterCombinationValid method to your data source.
  • [BREAKING] The prop filterCombinations has been removed from the EntityCollection component. This is now handled by the data source. If you need to allow multiple filters, you can use the new FireStoreIndexesBuilder callback. Check the documentation for more information.
  • You can now use nested spreadChildren in map properties, allowing to show arbitrary nested structures as single columns in the collection view.
  • The collection count value is now updated with filters applied.
  • Fix for csv export not working when underlying data is invalid.
  • Fix for bug of collection search returning a single result.
  • Fix for reference fields breaking with incorrect values.

[2.0.5] - 2023-07-11


  • Default value for string properties is now null instead of "".
  • Fix for changing text search controller not updating as a dependency.
  • Fix for setting a unique field using a reference, which was generating an invalid query in Firestore.

[2.0.4] - 2023-06-15


  • Fix for forceFilter not being applied correctly in reference views.
  • Fix for nullable enum validation config.

[2.0.3] - 2023-06-15


  • Fix for form resetting values when saving.

[2.0.2] - 2023-06-14


  • Replaced flexsearch with js-search. Their imports are too messed up.
  • Fix for form assigning wrong ids

[2.0.1] - 2023-06-12


  • Fix for block entries not generating the correct default value when adding a new entry. This was causing a bug when the child property is an array, like in the blog example.
  • Added the formAutoSave to collections. This removes the buttons from the form and automatically saves the entity when there are changes or the user leaves the form.
  • You can now access the formContext from collection views, allowing you to access the current entity being edited, modify values and save.

[2.0.0] - 2023-06-07


  • You can use a callback to define the default view of an entity now.
  • Fix when opening entities from a custom view, that also uses subcollections.

[2.0.0-rc.2] - 2023-06-05


  • @mui/x-date-pickers dependency reverted to ^5.0.0
  • Assigned default values to every property now, based on the property type. e.g. boolean properties will have a default value of false, maps to {}, and most other properties to null.
  • Removed empty space for hidden properties in the entity side dialog.

[2.0.0-rc.1] - 2023-05-31


  • Added arbitrary key-value fields with the prop keyValue in map properties
  • @mui/x-date-pickers dependency updated (you may need to bump your version to 6.5.0)
  • Some enhancements to the EntityCollectionTable component, referring to values being updated in the background. Also correct debouncing for table fields.

[2.0.0-beta.7] - 2023-05-23


  • Added support for collection groups
  • [BREAKING] The countEntities function in the data source now takes an object instead of a string as parameter. This will only affect you if you have built a custom component using that function.
  • Added string url previews to fields
  • Fix for geopoints not being serialized correctly when saving.

[2.0.0-beta.6] - 2023-05-11


  • Fix for Typescript types not being exported correctly and giving errors when using the library with the quickstart.
  • Fix for error messages not showing up correctly in new text inputs.
  • Fix for flexsearch import causing crash using webpack

[2.0.0-beta.5] - 2023-04-28


  • Updated fields Look and Feel. Text fields are now custom, not the ones provided by Material UI. This allows for more customization, less code, and better performance.
  • Fixed login view not centered
  • Fixed popup field selection and drag and drop bug
  • Fix for skip login field
  • HTML now rendered correctly in markdown previews
  • Fix for read permission not being applied correctly.
  • Fix for not centered empty view state in collections

[2.0.0-beta.4] - 2023-03-30


  • Fixed table header bug
  • Added search bar in home page
  • Added favourites and recent collections view in home page.
  • Fix for some deeply nested property builders in arrays
  • Added autoOpenDrawer prop, allowing to open the drawer automatically when hovering the menu.
  • Allow choosing which custom view or subcollection is opened by default, with the defaultSelectedView prop. Thanks to @SeeringPhil for the PR!
  • Renamed builder to Builder in collection custom views for consistency.

[2.0.0-beta.3] - 2023-03-21


  • Fixed bug regarding custom selection controllers.
  • Fix for default value not being set in array properties.
  • Enabled Firebase App Check. Thanks to @sengerts for the PR!
  • Added copy function to array views. Thanks to @guustmc for the PR!
  • The entity side dialog is now wider by default.
  • Small improvements to block properties. Now the first type is selected by default.
  • Fixed additional ordering added when multiple filter applied, which created a bug. Thanks to @juanleondev for the PR!
  • Renamed ReferenceSelectionView to ReferenceSelectionInner
  • Added reference filters
  • Fixed delay of table update when deleting an entity
  • You can now change the value of any property within a custom field.

[2.0.0-beta.2] - 2023-01-30


  • Fixed bug where collection actions were getting their internal state reset.
  • Improved preview of files that are not images, videos, or audio files.
  • Form optimizations
  • Fix for reference dialog not clearing selection
  • Fix for multiple error snackbar, when there is an error uploading a file.
  • Fix for missing highlight when closing side dialog.
  • Fix for delayed data update when changing filters.
  • Internal refactoring of the EntityCollectionTable component.
  • [BREAKING] In the component EntityCollectionTable, the prop ActionsBuilder has been replaced with actions.

[2.0.0-beta.1] - 2023-01-18

This is the first beta release of FireCMS v2.0.0. While still in beta, we consider this version stable enough to be used in production.

All changes related to V2 alpha are currently bundled in these documents:

The changelog for 1.0.0 versions and previous versions can be found here

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