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Version: 2.0.0-alpha

Function: EntityCollectionTable

EntityCollectionTable(props, context?): null | ReactElement<any, any>

This component is in charge of rendering a collection table with a high degree of customization. It is in charge of fetching data from the DataSource and holding the state of filtering and sorting.

This component is used internally by EntityCollectionView and ReferenceDialog

Please note that you only need to use this component if you are building a custom view. If you just need to create a default view you can do it exclusively with config options.

If you want to bind a EntityCollection to a table with the default options you see in collections in the top level navigation, you can check EntityCollectionView

If you need a table that is not bound to the datasource or entities and properties at all, you can check VirtualTable


  • EntityCollectionTableProps
  • EntityCollectionView
  • VirtualTable




null | ReactElement<any, any>

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