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Version: 2.0.0-alpha


In a map property you define child properties in the same way you define them at the entity schema level:

import { buildProperty } from "./builders";

const ctaProperty = buildProperty({
dataType: "map",
properties: {
name: {
name: "Name",
description: "Text that will be shown on the button",
validation: { required: true },
dataType: "string"
type: {
name: "Type",
description: "Action type that determines the user flow",
validation: { required: true, uniqueInArray: true },
dataType: "string",
enumValues: {
complete: "Complete",
continue: "Continue"


Record of properties included in this map.


List of properties rendered as this map preview. Defaults to first 3.


  • required Should this field be compulsory.
  • requiredMessage Message to be displayed as a validation error.

The widget that gets created is