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Version: 2.0.0

Text search

The solution described here is specific for Firestore

If you are developing your own datasource, you are free to implement text search in whatever way it makes sense.

Firestore does not support native text search, so we need to rely on external solutions. If you specify a textSearchEnabled flag to the collection, you will see a search bar on top of the collection view.

You need to define a FirestoreTextSearchController and pass it to your FirebaseCMSApp component (or useFirestoreDataSource if you are building a custom app). Typically, you will want to index your entities in some external solution, such as Algolia. For this to work you need to set up an AlgoliaSearch account and manage the indexing of your documents.

There is a full backend example included in the source code, which indexes documents with Cloud Functions. There is also a Firebase extension for the very same purpose.


Find all the available props for FirebaseCMSApp here

We provide a utility method for performing searches in Algolia performAlgoliaTextSearch


import algoliasearch, { SearchClient } from "algoliasearch";

import {
} from "firecms";

const client: SearchClient | undefined = algoliasearch("YOUR_ALGOLIA_APP_ID", "YOUR_ALGOLIA_SEARCH_KEY");

const productsIndex = client.initIndex("products");

const textSearchController: FirestoreTextSearchController =
({ path, searchString }) => {
if (path === "products")
return performAlgoliaTextSearch(productsIndex, searchString);
return undefined;

export default function App() {

const productCollection = buildCollection({
path: "products",
name: "Products",
textSearchEnabled: true,
properties: {
name: {
dataType: "string",
name: "Name",
validation: { required: true }

return <FirebaseCMSApp
name={"My Online Shop"}

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