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Collections Groups

You can now use Firestore collection groups in FireCMS. This allows you to query across multiple collections with the same name. For example, you could have a collection group called products that contains all the products from different stores.

In our demo project, we have a collection group called locales that contains all the locales for the different products.

See the demo project here.

FireCMS will generate an additional column in the collection view to with references to all the parent collections that are part of the configuration.

In order to use collection groups, you need to specify the collectionGroup property in the Collection configuration.

export const localeCollectionGroup = buildCollection({
name: "Product locales group",
path: "locales",
description: "This is a collection group related to the locales subcollection of products",
collectionGroup: true,
properties: {
name: {
name: "Name",
validation: { required: true },
dataType: "string"
// ...

Depending on your Firestore rules, you may need to add another rule to allow collection group queries. For example:

match /{path=**}/locales/{document=**} {
allow read, write: if true;

When doing a collection group query, the path will be something like /products/{productId}/locales/{localeId}. But the query will go to all the collections called locales in your database. That is why you might need to add a rule like the one above.

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