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Version: 3.0.0-beta

Reusing property configurations


When you define a property config, you will be able to select it in the collection editor

FireCMS 3 introduced a new way of defining properties that allows you to reuse them across different entities and collections.

In the main App config export you can define a propertyConfigs object that contains all the configurations related to a property. This is an array of PropertyConfig objects, which are defined as follows:

export type PropertyConfig<T extends CMSType = any> = {

* Key used to identify this property config.
key: string,

* Name of this field type.
* This is not the name of the property.
name: string;

* Default config for the property.
* This property or builder will be used as the base values for the resulting property.
* You can also use a builder function to generate the base property.
* You can use a builder function to generate the property based on the values or the path.
* You can also define a custom Field as a React component to be used for this property.
property: PropertyOrBuilder<T>;

* Optional icon to be used in the field selector.
* Use a 24x24 component, in order not to break the layout.
* Any FireCMS icon can be used.
Icon?: React.ComponentType;

* CSS color, used only in some plugins like the field selector.
* e.g. "#2d7ff9"
color?: string;

* Description of this field type.
description?: string;


Note that you can use any of the existing builders or properties as a base for your custom property. What you define in your property will be used as a base for the resulting property (the user is still able to customize it).


Let's define a custom property that consists of a translations map object with different string values:

export const appConfig: FireCMSAppConfig = {
version: "1",
collections: [
// ...
propertyConfigs: [
name: "Translated string",
key: "translated_string",
property: {
dataType: "map",
properties: {
en: {
dataType: "string",
name: "English"
es: {
dataType: "string",
name: "Español"
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