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Version: 3.0.0-beta

Custom previews

Every property you define in the CMS as a preview component associated by default. In some cases you may want to build a custom preview component.

Just as you can customize how your property field is rendered, you can change how the preview of a property is displayed in collection and other read only views.

You can build your preview as a React component that takes PropertyPreviewProps as props.

PropertyPreviewProps has two generic types: the first one is the type of the property, such as string or boolean and the second one (optional) is the type for any custom props you would like to pass to the preview, just like done when defining custom fields.


Example of a custom preview for a boolean property:

import React, { ReactElement } from "react";
import { PropertyPreviewProps } from "@firecms/cloud";

import CheckBoxOutlineBlank from "@mui/icons-material/CheckBoxOutlineBlank";
import CheckBoxOutlined from "@mui/icons-material/CheckBoxOutlined";

export default function CustomBooleanPreview({
value, property, size
}: PropertyPreviewProps
return (
value ? <CheckBoxOutlined/> : <CheckBoxOutlineBlank/>

...and how it is used:

export const blogCollection = buildCollection({
name: "Blog entry",
properties: {
// ...
reviewed: {
name: "Reviewed",
dataType: "boolean",
Preview: CustomBooleanPreview
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