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Version: 3.0.0-beta



The property of this array.

You can specify any property (except another Array property, since Firestore does not support it) You can leave this field empty only if you are providing a custom field or provide a oneOf field otherwise an error will be thrown.

Example of array property:

import { buildProperty } from "@firecms/cloud";

const productReferences = buildProperty({
name: "Products",
dataType: "array",
of: {
dataType: "reference",
path: "products",
previewProperties: ["name", "main_image"]


You can also specify an array of properties to define a tuple:

import { buildProperty } from "@firecms/cloud";

const tupleDates = buildProperty({
name: "Date Range (Start to End)",
dataType: "array",
of: [
name: "Start Date",
dataType: "date"
name: "End Date",
dataType: "date"


Use this field if you would like to have an array of properties. It is useful if you need to have values of different types in the same array. Each entry of the array is an object with the shape:

{ type: "YOUR_TYPE", value: "YOUR_VALUE"}

Note that you can use any property so value can take any value (strings, numbers, array, objects...) You can customise the type and value fields to suit your needs.

An example use case for this feature may be a blog entry, where you have images and text blocks using markdown.

Example of oneOf field:

import { buildProperty } from "@firecms/cloud";

const contentProperty = buildProperty({
name: "Content",
description: "Example of a complex array with multiple properties as children",
validation: { required: true },
dataType: "array",
oneOf: {
typeField: "type",
valueField: "value",
properties: {
name: {
name: "Title",
dataType: "string"
text: {
dataType: "string",
name: "Text",
markdown: true


  • required Should this field be compulsory.
  • requiredMessage Message to be displayed as a validation error.
  • min Set the minimum length allowed.
  • max Set the maximum length allowed.

Based on your configuration the form field widgets that are created are:


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