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All the components are exported from the @firecms/ui package. These are the same components used internally in FireCMS.

FireCMS UI is a high quality set of components that you can use to build your own custom views. You can use these components to build your own FireCMS views, or in any other React application. You just need to install tailwindcss and the @firecms/ui package.

Why build this UI kit?

FireCMS was using MUI until version 3.0. MUI provides ready to use components with intuitive APIs, but it also comes with a lot of complexity and overhead. We wanted to build a simpler and more flexible UI kit that could be used in any React project, not just in FireCMS. We also wanted to make it easy to transition from MUI to our new UI kit, so we kept the API as similar as possible. The result it a set of components that are easy to use, easy to customize, much more performant and with a smaller bundle size.

The components are primarily built using Radix UI primitives and tailwindcss. This means that you can easily customize them using tailwindcss classes or override the styles using CSS.


This documentation is still a work in progress. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us in our Discord channel.

The list of components includes:

and more (check the sidebar for the full list).


If you are using FireCMS, you don't need to install this package, as it is already included, and configured for you.

To use the components in your own project, you need to install the @firecms/ui package:

yarn add @firecms/ui


npm install @firecms/ui

You also need to install tailwindcss:

yarn add tailwindcss

And add then add the fireCMS preset in your tailwind.config.js:

import fireCMSConfig from "@firecms/ui/tailwind.config.js";

export default {
presets: [fireCMSConfig],
content: [

Finally, you need to define your primary and secondary colors in your index.css file:

@tailwind base;
@tailwind components;
@tailwind utilities;

:root {
--fcms-primary: #0070F4;
--fcms-primary-dark: #0061e6;
--fcms-primary-bg: #0061e610;
--fcms-secondary: #FF5B79;
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