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FireCMS is an open source headless CMS and admin panel built by developers for developers.

FireCMS uses Firebase as a backend. You are the owner of your Firebase project, and FireCMS is a tool that helps you build your admin panel on top of it. FireCMS provides all the editing options you lack in a simple Firebase project.

FireCMS 3.0 is the latest version of FireCMS. At this moment, it is in beta and it can be used in the hosted version of FireCMS, FireCMS Cloud. You also have self-hosted options in the PRO plan.


FireCMS Cloud is the hosted version of FireCMS. It is a fully managed service that allows you to create and manage your content in a user-friendly interface.

With FireCMS Cloud you can visualize and edit your Firestore data without writing a single line of code, but you can upload your own code and define your custom properties, form fields, dashboards, views, etc.


  • Fully managed service. No need to worry about infrastructure, security, scalability or maintenance.
  • User-friendly interface. FireCMS Cloud provides a user-friendly interface to visualize and edit your Firestore data.
  • Collection editor. Create and edit your collections and documents in a friendly interface. No need to write a single line of code.
  • Users and roles. Create users and roles to manage access to your data.
  • Custom code. You can upload your own code and define your custom properties, views, etc. in the hosted version of FireCMS.

Getting started

You can use FireCMS Cloud with your existing Firestore project, or let it create a new one for you.

Just sign up and start using it!

Go to FireCMS Cloud

After you have created your FireCMS project, you can either use it directly or customize it by uploading your own code.

Current limitations

The current version of FireCMS Cloud does not support customizing the login methods or using a custom datasource, as compared to the previous version of FireCMS.

For a higher degree of customization, check out PRO offering. If you need support, feel free to reach us in our Discord channel or at

FireCMS takes care of the navigation for you, it generates routes and menus based on the configuration that you set up.


The collections can be defined asynchronously, so you can fetch data from your backend to build them. It might be useful if you want to build the collections based on the logged-in user, or if you want to fetch some data to build the schema of your collections. Check the dynamic collections section for more information.

You have two main ways of creating the top level views in FireCMS, either creating entity collections that get mapped to CMS views, or create your own top level React views:

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