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Version: 3.0.0-beta


Deployment to FireCMS Cloud

FireCMS is unique among CMSs in that it allows to upload custom code to its Cloud version. This is a very advanced feature enables you to tailor the CMS according to your requirements.

The code is bundled and compiled using module federation and vite. This means that you can use any npm package you want to build your CMS. The bundle will not include any of the dependencies that are already included in FireCMS, so you can use any version of any package you want.

Deploy your code to FireCMS Cloud, with a single command, and it will be served from there:

yarn deploy

The benefit of this approach is that you can use any npm package you want, and you can use the latest version of FireCMS without having to manually update your code.


The FireCMS CLI is a tool that allows you to deploy your CMS to FireCMS Cloud with a single command. In your project, you should have firecms as a dev dependency. This package was previously @firecms/cli.

The available commands are:

firecms login
firecms logout


firecms deploy --project=your-project-id

Deployment to Firebase Hosting


You can only deploy outside FireCMS Cloud if you have a PRO plan.

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