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Version: 3.0.0-beta

Cloud Quickstart


Start here if you want to customize FireCMS. You can run a FireCMS 3.0 project without writing a single line of code from FireCMS Cloud.

In order to add custom code to your FireCMS project, you need:

  • A Firebase project
  • A FireCMS project

You can create both projects from FireCMS Cloud.

Go to FireCMS Cloud

Once you have both projects created you can initialize your codebase by running:

npx create-firecms-app


yarn create firecms-app

This will create a new folder with all the code you need to get started. In the code you will be able to add custom collections, custom pages, custom fields, custom actions, custom properties, etc.

Running your project

To run your project locally, you can run the following command, like any other Vite project:

yarn dev

This will execute a version of your project that uses FireCMS backend to store config data but runs locally.

You should be able to see your FireCMS instance in your browser, awesome!

If you want to deploy to FireCMS cloud your module must export a FireCMSAppConfig object. You can find more information about this object in the App config section reference.


Vite uses the default url for the development server in versions of node < 18.0.0. If you are using a version of node < 18.0.0, you will need to add this url to the authorized domains in the Firebase console. Firebase Auth will require to add this url to the authorized domains in the Firebase console. Alternatively, you can use the url http://localhost:5173.

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