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Version: 3.0.0-beta

Creating a project from a service account


You only need to create a service account manually for FireCMS Cloud projects, in case you don't want to grant FireCMS admin permissions. In the app, you can create new or link to existing projects without the need to create a service account manually.

One possible way to create a FireCMS Cloud project and link it to your existing Firebase/GCP project is by creating a service account, assigning the necessary permissions, and linking it to your project.

In order to do so please follow these steps:

Service accounts menu
  • Click on the Create Service Account button.
Create new service account
  • Fill in the details for the service account. Name it FireCMS.
Service account details
  • Assign the following roles:
  • Firebase Admin
  • Firebase Admin SDK Administrator Service Agent
  • Firebase Service Management Service Agent
Service account roles
  • Optionally, define the users that can impersonate the service account.
Service account users
  • Now let's create the JSON key that will be uploaded to FireCMS Cloud. Find the newly created Service account, and in the dropdown menu, click on Manage keys.
Service account keys
  • Then create a new key.
Create key
  • And finally, download the JSON key.
Download JSON key

Now you can upload this JSON key to FireCMS Cloud and link it to your project.


A service account is a special type of Google account that allows non-human users to authenticate and authorize Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services. It is important to keep the service account key secure, as it can be used to access your GCP resources. FireCMS Cloud uses this service account to manage your project resources. Your service account is securely encrypted using Google Cloud KMS. Make sure to keep your service account key secure and do not share it with unauthorized users.

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