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Version: 3.0.0-beta


Please note that in order to use this hook you must be in a

component (you can't use them directly from a callback function).


This hook is used to open a side dialog that allows the selection of entities under a given path. You can use it in custom views for selecting entities. You need to specify the path of the target collection at least. If your collection is not defined in your top collection configuration (in your FireCMS component), you need to specify explicitly. This is the same hook used internally when a reference property is defined.

The props provided by this hook are:

  • multiselect?: boolean; Allow multiple selection of values

  • collection?: EntityCollection; Entity collection config

  • path: string; Absolute path of the collection. May be not set if this hook is being used in a component and the path is dynamic. If not set, the dialog won't open.

  • selectedEntityIds?: string[]; If you are opening the dialog for the first time, you can select some entity ids to be displayed first.

  • onSingleEntitySelected?(entity: Entity | null): void; If multiselect is set to false, you will get the selected entity in this callback.

  • onMultipleEntitiesSelected?(entities: Entity[]): void; If multiselect is set to false, you will get the selected entities in this callback.

  • onClose?(): void; If the dialog currently open, close it

  • forceFilter?: FilterValues; Allow selection of entities that pass the given filter only.


import React from "react";
import { useAuthController } from "@firecms/cloud";

export function ExampleCMSView() {

// hook to display custom snackbars
const snackbarController = useSnackbarController();

// hook to open a reference dialog
const referenceDialog = useReferenceDialog({
path: "products",
onSingleEntitySelected(entity: Entity<Product> | null) {{
type: "success",
message: "Selected " + entity?

return <Button
Test reference dialog
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