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Version: 3.0.0-beta



Please note that in order to use these hooks you must be in a component (you can't use them directly from a callback function). Anyhow, callbacks usually include a FireCMSContext, which includes all the controllers.

Use this hook to get a snackbar controller to display snackbars, with a message, a type and an optional title.

The props provided by this hook are:

  • isOpen Is there currently an open snackbar
  • close() Close the currently open snackbar
  • open ({ type: "success" | "info" | "warning" | "error"; title?: string; message: string; }) Display a new snackbar. You need to specify the type and message. You can optionally specify a title


import React from "react";
import { useSnackbarController } from "@firecms/cloud";

export function ExampleCMSView() {

const snackbarController = useSnackbarController();

return (
onClick={() =>{
type: "success",
title: "Hey!",
message: "Test snackbar"
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