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Version: 3.0.0-beta



Block is a special field that allows you to build repeat fields where the entries are dynamic. Each entry has a type selector that allows the end user to chose among different properties.

It is useful when you want to give the flexibility of building complex repeat structures to end users, such as blog entries.

This fields allows reordering of its entries.

This component can be expanded or collapsed by default.

import { buildProperty } from "@firecms/cloud";

name: "Content",
dataType: "array",
oneOf: {
typeField: "type",
valueField: "value",
properties: {
images: {
dataType: "string",
name: "Image",
storage: {
storagePath: "images",
acceptedFiles: ["image/*"]
text: {
dataType: "string",
name: "Text",
markdown: true
products: {
name: "Products",
dataType: "array",
of: {
dataType: "reference",
path: "products",
previewProperties: ["name", "main_image"]

The data type is array.

Internally the component used is BlockFieldBinding.

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